BMIIST 2023/2024 Academic Session Kicks Off with Inspiring Orientation

13th November, 2023

Today marked the commencement of a transformative academic journey at Blessed Martins International Institute of Science and Technology (BMIIST). The orientation event, was graced by the presence of our esteemed founder, Hon. Chinedu Ogah (OON), the insightful Reverend Fr. Ifeanyi Ogodo, and facilitator Pharm. Dr. Nwuzo Augustine, proved to be an enriching experience for our Year One students of the 2023/2024 academic session.

Our Founder’s Insight: “A way to project your potential for a greater future”

Section 1: How to Project Yourself for a Better Future
The founder emphasized the pivotal role of planning, focus, sincerity, commitment to academics, and respect for lectures in shaping a brighter future. He emphasized the importance of personal commitment and the cultivation of a respectful and focused academic attitude.

Section 2: In Which Way Do You Project Yourself?
The discourse shed light on the significance of being serious about studying. The founder urged students to recognize the direct correlation between their level of commitment to studies and their future success.

Section 3: In What Direction Can You Project Yourself?
Students were reminded that personal direction is a self-determined aspect of their journey. The founder encouraged them to understand that while others may offer guidance, the ultimate direction lies within themselves.

Misplacement Priority
The critical point touched upon was the concept of ‘Misplacement Priority.’ The founder cautioned against losing sight of essential priorities and stressed the need to align one’s focus with long-term goals.

Reverend Fr. Ifeanyi Ogodo on ‘Discipline Sine Qua Non for Academic Excellence’
Reverend Fr. Ifeanyi Ogodo delved into the essence of discipline, emphasizing its role as a foundational element for academic excellence. He drew parallels between life scenarios and the application of discipline, underscoring its significance in bridging the gap between individuals and their goals.

Pharm. Dr. Nwuzo Augustine on ‘The Effect of Drug Abuse on the Society; Youths in Perspective’
The event took a crucial turn as Pharm. Dr. Nwuzo Augustine shed light on the pressing issue of drug abuse, particularly focusing on its impact on society from a youth-centric perspective. He engaged students in a thoughtful exploration of the societal consequences of substance abuse, fostering awareness and responsibility.

Today’s sessions were enlightening and empowering and set the stage for the second and final part of our orientation tomorrow at 10am. Join us as we delve into “practice, prospects, and opportunities inherent in the various programs offered in BMIIST.”

Curious to learn more? Stay tuned…

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