BMIIST Launches Medical Image Processing and X-Ray Technician Programme!


On the illustrious Wednesday of 11th October 2023, Blessed Martins International Institute of Science and Technology (BMIIST) hosted an esteemed delegation from the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria. Among them were the distinguished Mrs. Regina Chukwuka, Regional Head (South East Zone, Enugu), and the accomplished Mrs. Nkeiru Nlemanze from the Council Headquarters (representing the revered board Registrar) in Abuja. Their visit was more than an inspection; it was a juncture that held the promise of transformative change.

The corridors of BMIIST reverberated with palpable anticipation as the accreditation team meticulously assessed our institution, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to ensure that we were poised to introduce the groundbreaking Medical Image Processing and X-Ray Technician Programme. With scrutiny that bore the weight of our shared aspirations for excellence, they scrutinized our facilities, evaluated our educational infrastructure, and engaged in extensive discussions with our faculty.

The response was nothing short of extraordinary, exceeding even our most optimistic projections. The accreditation team, comprising seasoned luminaries in the field, were not only impressed but deeply moved by the persistent dedication to excellence that defines every facet of BMIIST. Their commendations echoed through our hallowed halls, affirming our steadfast commitment to providing a standard of education that transcends convention.

Words of praise flowed freely, punctuated by moments of profound admiration for our state-of-the-art facilities. As the team articulated their approval, a unanimous decision emerged: a resounding 100% endorsement to inaugurate the Medical Image Processing and X-Ray Technician Programme, a decision made with unwavering confidence in the capabilities of BMIIST.

This milestone is not an isolated achievement, but a testament to the collective endeavor, tireless dedication, and unyielding spirit of our entire BMIIST community. It marks the dawning of a new era, one that promises to redefine the landscape of healthcare education.

As we stand on the cusp of this transformative journey, we extend an open invitation to all aspiring minds eager to shape the future of healthcare.

Let us embark on this odyssey of learning, discovery, and innovation together.

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